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Make it end! - Dada

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December 21st, 2002

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12:12 pm - Make it end!
So yeah, since I haven't had a gig in a really long time, I was gettin' low on the funds. So I decided to get a job in the mall... Big mistake. I think the American guy that hired me thinks I'm some hot chick, but I don't talk to him much. I pretend I don't know English! ^_^;;; He's not here for the most part anyway, so I end up working ass-long hours like 15-16 hour days! And people just keep staring at me, since I work at a cell phone kiosk in the middle of the mall... Mostly Americans; I guess they're not too exposed to visual kei. I get the feeling that people only buy stuff from me 'cause they think I'm hot. I mean honestly, do you really that just because you buy something from me, I'm gonna jump in bed with you? None of them are even cute! Yuck! And the stupid people! We have cell phone stuff all over the kiosk, and they ask, "Do you sell cell phone stuff?" When I get those people, I just say "No". Then they point to the stuff and say, "Yes you do!" Then why did you ask me?!?!?!? I hate stupid people. I want a gig so I don't have to do this shit anymore... I work so much that I never get to see my friends! And I have to hear the retarted music from the store next door... On a 15 minute loop.... Which means I have to hear each song 64 times today! And it's crappy pop music! Ayumi and Gackt (no offense Gackt!) all day long!!! And the kids!!!! RAR!!! If one more kid looks up my skirt and says "Mommy, she has a wee-wee" I'm gonna kill someone!!!!! It's so boring and annoying! I can't even leave the stand to go get food or go to the bathroom! It's inhumane!!!! I don't even have a mirror to work on make-up and hair!!! In fact, I'm at work right now! I ganked one of my old bandmate's AOL accounts so I could get on the 'net. Only downside is everytime he signs on, I get kicked offline. Well, that and it's a 56k connection! X_x Oh man, here comes the boss to stare at me again... Hopefully he'll leave soon...

((OOC: I needed to make a RP post and couldn't think of anything to post about, so I just Dada in my situation! ^_^;;; Maybe I'll dress up for work one day.... No wait, I'd totally get fired.... -_-))
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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Date:February 4th, 2003 11:30 am (UTC)


I do hope yoyu get funds soon , but how is gackt and mana doing??
have not heard from them for ages..well i am sorry that some kids said "momy has a wee wee.." :-(. Your boss sounds like aperson who is not freindly..

Many hugs
, well i have been away fro a long time and did not read my freinds Journals.. , i wont tell you what happned when i was away, as its to depressing..

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