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Gomen nasai... - Dada

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November 4th, 2003

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04:42 pm - Gomen nasai...
I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I'm not even sure if any of you guys even noticed me being gone. No one did when I was across the galaxy for three months... But anyway, I wanted to tell you all about a wonderful, wonderful person that I met the other day...

I was at the music store the other day checking out new releases (even though my career went down the shitter, I figure I should keep up with the people I know), the J-Pop section at the time to be exact, and I heard a smooth voice behind me say "Konichiwa". I turned around and my heart skipped a beat as I layed eyes on one of the most handsome (note that I say "handsome" instead of "pretty") men I have ever seen. It took me a minute to compose myself enough to return his greeting, and in that time, he cocked his head to the side quizicaly, kinda like a puppy, in reaction to my stupor. It was soooo cute! I don't think he realized I was a guy until I spoke back, and he only let the shock show in his eyes. Where most guys would be repulsed, or make excuses to leave, he smiled that warm gentle smile that helped to throw me off-guard. We talked for a bit about music, and I told him who I was (with a lot of emphasis on the was). He actually recognized who I was and my old band! He even quoted a few lyrics! I asked him his name, and for some reason, he sheepishly replied "Takanori". I told him that was a beautiful name, and he seemed quite relieved. Have I mentioned how cute he is? And nice! He's sooooooooooo nice! He invited me out for coffee after we left and we sat and talked for hours about all kinds of stuff. He looks so familiar though... I can't place his face or voice, but I know I've seen and heard them before... Bad ADD! Anywho, back to coffee! We sat and talked until the shop closed. He even offered to pay, but I didn't let him. He walked me back to my apartment (I live in the district) and we said our goodbyes. We hugged and he kissed my hand. I felt my face go bright red, but perhaps my makeup covered it. Or perhaps he's just good enough to not let his amusement show. In any case, I had a wonderful, wonderful night with an amazing person. A person that I hope to see again soon.
Current Mood: Extremely Happy for a Change!

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