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No Candy Con.... §§;_;§§ - Dada

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July 28th, 2002

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05:45 pm - No Candy Con.... §§;_;§§
Mana called me and told me that he needs me to go with him somewhere... So much for the candy convention.... But he seemed really, really sad, so I should be there for him. He's one of my only friends, and I want to help him in any way I possibly can. I hope everything's okay... He's been really down for the past couple of days. Poor Mana, I hope it's not someone hating him or anything... I mean, yeah, so he gets drunk every once in a while, what's the big deal? Everyone needs to cut loose sometimes. Me, I go for candy and sweets and stuff, but Mana likes liquor. No biggie... Grr... If someone is on his case for acting up at the gallery, I'm gonna cut their face off! Feel my wrath! On the other hand, he seems especially torn apart right now, so it's prolly not something like that. All I can do is be here for him and hope that he lets me in to help him in whatever way I can... From what I've observed, he's very reluctant to let people know his true self and to trust them. I hope I'm one of the few he can trust... Well, he's picking me up soon, so I gotta go put on his face. I hope I can help....
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Strong Badia's national anthem

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