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Dada E-mails #7 & #8 - Dada

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August 15th, 2003

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01:55 am - Dada E-mails #7 & #8
Got two more e-mails for you guys... First up:

Dear Dada,

Why does BWI airport SUCK so much?

~____~ seattle, WA

Well Tilde Face, I don't know much about that airport other than it's fun to say! BWIIIIIIII!!!!! XD My guess would be that it's an airport that really needs to get it's shit together and finish a bunch of construction. Also, there are certain airlines that really suck hardcore.... Hehehehehehehehehe, I wonder if Hooters Air sucks? XD You know, you could always solve the mistery of how to break the time-space continuim, create a worm hole, and basically just warp to wherever you want. Speaking of which, I tried to jump down a big green pipe once and nothing happened, 'cept I landed in a bunch of mud and ruined my clothes. Those Mario brothers are liars! LIARS I TELL YOU!!!

::fume:: I hate those guys... Anywho, on to the next one!

Dear Dada,
I want to make the bestest jrocker costume?
Can you show me?

Well Trrrrr.... Trrruh.... Trrrrah.... Ah, screw it. Basically, you need a petticoat. Yeah, you definitely need one of those! They're all floofy and bouncy! Whee! Ahem! Then you need a nice corset. Preferably vinyl, but you can use your own discression. And, of course, you gotta shave your legs and wear pretty stockings! And the boots! You MUST have good boots! It's essential to the look. And NO bad hair! Bad hair is.... well.... bad! And don't even get me started on makeup! Bad makeup is worse than bad! It's bad, and wrong! It's bad-wrong! Hell, it's badong! Also, stealing Mana's face is really helpful too, though you have to pay rent and interest and stuff.... Be careful though; First Mutual of Mana forcloses fast and without mercy!

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