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Lamenting a Loss and Finding a Friend.... - Dada

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August 13th, 2003

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02:36 am - Lamenting a Loss and Finding a Friend....
This past weekend saw the passing away of my good friend Larry the Lightsaber.... To some of you, he was little more than a high-tech beam of plasma encased in a mag-con field capable of cutting through virtually anything. To others, he was simply a figment of my imagination. Whatever he was to you, he was my dear friend. After what happend with darth_lida, he was all I had left.... Last Friday, he was lost to me in a tragic belt-clip accident.... The clip didn't hold and he fell right off, breaking into pieces.... *sniff* We'll--or at least I'll--miss you.....

In better news, I found a new friend over the weekend too! beerchan has come into my life and shown me there's more to getting drunk than, um, getting drunk! I'm not sure what the hell he/she/it is, but he's hella fun to hang out with! Anywho, the party last week was kind of a bust. Danced some, and met lusciousvampire, and saw kozi and syntheticryonai. Also ran into masamasa. I've been to worse parties, but I've definitely been to better ones too....

I've decided that I'm not gonna do the e-mails every Monday... This may come as a suprise to you guys, but I didn't really get most of those e-mails.... Only one or two were real ones. *sigh* Can you feel the love? Perhaps I'll let beerchan take a few e-mails sometime or something. Anywho, I'll throw out an e-mail whenever I actually get one. Well, beerchan's calling. I'm gonna go temporarily fix my problems.
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