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Dada E-mail #3 & #4 - Dada

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July 28th, 2003

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09:45 pm - Dada E-mail #3 & #4
Hideyho everyone! Nothin much new in the world of Dada... I lost Larry the other night, and I haven't been able to track him down.... *sigh* Anywho, on to another one of my "adoring fans" e-mails!

Dear Dada San,
How do you type with those long finger things?

Well, Steve Co, it's really and interesting story--

Okay, that wasn't really fair, so I'll throw out another for ya!

Dear Dada Sama,
How can I learn to be as totally awesome and pretty as you are? I want to look sooo good!
The Ugly One

O_O Um... Well.... I guess you can start by being ostracized by your friends, and sitting in a corner playing with origami.... Beyond that, you could try acting really strange and hyper. Not really sure what else to say, Ugly One.... Good luck?

Well, that was pretty odd. If someone wants to be as "cool and good looking as me", they must be REALLY desperate! I feel sorry for them.... Poor, poor person.....
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