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Dada E-Mail #1 - Dada

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July 14th, 2003

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03:33 pm - Dada E-Mail #1
Hi everyone! I was goin' through my back-up hard drive and found a bunch of old e-mails from fans, back in the day when people knew who I was. Well, some are kinda odd, so I thought I'd share them with you. I'll do one a week for you guys, how's that sound? Okay, on to e-mail #1:

"Dear Dada,
How exactly did you steal Mana's face? I mean, I look at him, and it looks like he still has his face....

Nick Cage"

Well Nick, it's an interesting story, actually. You see, Mana and I were hangin' by the stick one day, lookin' at a thing in a bag, when suddenly I realized I looked like a man! I glanced over at Mana, and realized he didn't look like a man. The jealousy rose and rose over time, until 30 seconds later I realized my thing in a bag was a chainsaw! So I very, very carefully cut his face off with said chainsaw, and use it as my own now! Don't worry, I let Mana borrow his face for performances and stuff. I'm not a complete meany-head! ^_^

Well kids, there you have it. The first in a series of fun e-mails answered by yours truely! Feel free to e-mail me with any fun questions you guys have! §§~_^§§

((OOC: I made a new icon to go with the e-mails too! None of you can read it, but it actually says "Dear Dada, How do you type with those long finger things? Strong Bad, Strongbadia" XD Also, the story of Mana's face isn't actually part of our storyline. It's just a joke that Dada has. ~_^))
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