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It feels good to be home... Right? - Dada

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June 8th, 2003

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11:00 am - It feels good to be home... Right?
What a headache.... There's so much of last night that I don't remember.... Figures.... I get home, and what do I do? Drink myself to death... I remember meeting a few new people, running into Monkey, drinking a lot of wine, some twisted game of truth or dare, and talking to Mana... I think I may have poured my heart out to him a little too much and creeped him out... I really do miss him though... I even cried a little after talking to him.... After I passed out, I kept having nightmares that I was stranded on Tatooine in the desert, and the more dunes I climbed toward Mana, the farther away I got... I miss his friendship so much. *sigh* Regretting the past does nothing for the future, right? So I shouldn't dwell on losing Velvet Eden, but I can't help it... Not having a band is horrible. It's so lonely. The loneliness is so cold and empty that it makes the frozen vaccum of space look warm and inviting. Anyway, I got way to drunk last night! I woke up with bruises all over me from falling down, and a shattered bottle of wine next to me. Apparently I wrote my name on the floor with my lightsaber at one point too! Jesus! According to the drunken post I made last night, I named my lightsaber Larry! Wow I was smashed! I hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself, and I relly hope that Közi and Ryonai liked thier presents! Anyway, I gotta get home now. This is twice I've borrowed this side-room here to post now; Once last night, once this morning! ^_^;;;
Current Mood: lonelylonely

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