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Larry da Lighshaber ish myyyy friend! *hick* - Dada

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June 8th, 2003

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12:41 am - Larry da Lighshaber ish myyyy friend! *hick*
Dish party ish fun and stuff! *giggles* I keep fallin' on da floor and fallin'! Hahaha! I said fallin' twice! *hick* I am shoooo durnk! I like wine! I met shome peoples too! Oh! I'm back on earth now! I found a shide room and a computer! I can type wordsh on it! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! ::falls over again, stumbles back up:: Ooooopshies! I falled ofer again! Heehee! Da bartender offereded me some weeeed, but I dun wann any weeeeed! I askeded for a roll, but I fink he tought I meanted roll a blunt! I wanted extasy! Doi! I taked to Mana tonight 2. I mish him a lot. *sigh* He wuz my friend a looong time ago. He's all big and famus now though, sho I'm not important. It'z cool though. I undershtand! Ooooh, I need more drinky! Larry says I need more wine! Larry ish my friend, so I should drink! Bai!
Current Mood: drunkdrunk

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