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Location: Tatooine - Dada

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June 3rd, 2003

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11:07 pm - Location: Tatooine
--<<{Begin Transmission}>>--

Hello? Anyone there? Is this thing reading me? Oh wait... There we go. Stupid crappy HoloNet Transciever... Is nothing on this planet in working order? Stupid hive of scum and villiany... Anywho, I hope this makes it to Earth. I'm not sure how compatible old Imperial HoloNet systems are with our primitive technology... *sigh* But even if it's advanced, it doens't mean it works! I guess some things never change! >_< Anywho, since you guys are prolly wonderin' what the hell happened to me (or maybe not since no one pays attention to me anyway), that idiot darth_lida dragged me out to the edge of the friggin' galaxy and then realized I wasn't a girl! >_< So he dropped me off in some city called Mos Eisly! You wanna talk about some ugly people? Come see this place! EEW! That thing just tried to go up my skirt with it's tenticle! GROSS!!!! Anyway, he ditched me here and flew off, but I got the last laugh.... I have his double-bladed lightsaber! XD Hell yeah! *HISS-SNAP* Get the hell away from me you ugly, slimy thing! *VWOOOOM* Damn straight you're gonna go sit your ass back down! ::returns to screen:: Anywho, I've constructed my origami army using a paper-like substance that they call flimsiplast, and they're currently working on building a ship to get the hell outta here! I can't wait. This place is so dry and dirty... It's twin suns are ruining my complexion.... Hmmm..... Perhaps I'll use this lightsaber to comandeer a ship.....

--<<{End Transmission}>>--

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Figrin Da'an and the Modul Nodes

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