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October 19th, 2002

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11:17 pm - Oi....
So I went to party and pulled a perfect 180 into the parking spot with my motorcyle! Of course no one noticed, but I didn't expect anyone to... I went in and changed clothes and headed straight to the bar. I played a drinking game with Nao, got smashed, and had a lot of fun. Then I went to find Mana and some little pink-haired bitch hit him! I tried to hit him back, but apparently I passed out ((aka, my comp froze.....))... When I woke up, I was really confused... Then I passed out again. When I woke up that time, there was a person next to me but they ran away to Mana, which reassured me that it was still the same day! ^_^;;; So I sat down with my hangover and tried to remember stuff, which made me think of that little pink bitch! I wandered around and tried to find him. He came out of a room with some big guys and I followed him until he ran after Kozi. I tried to do a flying sidekick but in my post drunken haze, I kinda just flew right through the middle of that fight. I don't think anyone even noticed me.... At that point, I decided it wasn't worth my time and to go home. I walked out to my motorcycle, but forgot my change of clothes. So I went back inside and ran into Nao again, but passed out as I was talking to him... Then I left.... So all in all, a total of one person noticed me. I guess that means I'm gaining in popularity, right? I hope Mana's okay... I realized that I still regard him as my best friend and that I really miss him a lot.... And I'm REALLY pissed at that little pink bitch... I'm gonna track him down, I swear....

((OOC: I'm so sorry about my comp. Both times that it froze, I was just about to do something that may have actually gotten me noticed.... Oh well.... Guess Dada's just destined to be "that pretty guy over there" that never really gets into things...))
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Date:November 15th, 2002 12:07 pm (UTC)
well you know, i do hope you and Mana and the rest of the people are fine.. must have been quite something there...
so how is Mana doing???
and who is teh pink bitch?
Love ya

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