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*sigh* Why do I do this? - Dada

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September 12th, 2002

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04:56 am - *sigh* Why do I do this?
Why do I go out? Why do I think I'm Mana's friend? I'm nothing to everyone... A whole like 2 people noticed me the other night...

To start off, I have to ride in the back of Mana's car so Klaha can ride up front. Okay, I'm cool with that, I understand they have a thing goin' on... So we get there, and they promptly walk in... leaving me in the backseat. So I get out and go in and sit by the bar idly folding napkins. Mana comes over once and we talk about Klaha and happiness... *sigh* Then he goes back to Klaha and I go back to my Origami Army. And so it is for a long time... Kozi shows off his piercings in the bathroom, but I'm not in the mood to partake in that. Other than Mana informing me that he saw Kozi's "Magnum", I am alone again... I get bored eventually and decide to take a nap until Mana wants to leave, but when I wake up, Mana and Klaha are gone... with my purse. Thankfully Yu~ki is incredibly nice and gives me a ride. I hate being a burden on people...

We pull up to Klaha's and we see the bes--strangest thing ever! Mana is nekkid, 'cept for a coat! Oh yeah, and Klaha is in his skivies too... I stay in the car to watch--um, wait for Yu~ki while he goes and gets my purse, 'cause I can tell this is something I don't wanna get involved in. So Yu~ki gets my purse from Klaha and Mana grabs him, crying... Then Klaha grabs Mana... About this time I think "Oi, I'm never getting home". There's a lot of talking, flashing, arguing, and clinging going on, during which time it starts to rain. Mana runs up to the car (his coat flying open a lot) and appologizes to me. I can't help but accept in my shocked state. Mana runs back to Klaha and gives him his coat ( and gives me an eyeful--I mean, uh...Never mind!). Klaha and Mana exchange some words with Yu~ki and then go inside. Yu~ki comes back to the car soaking wet and with my purse. I can't help but feel kind of like a princess being protected by a prince. We I give him directions home, and on the way we talk about the "old days" and Malice Mizer and Velvet Eden. Malice Mizer was a pretty tight family, whereas the rest of Velvet Eden would ditch me when not in concert or practice... Anyways, we get to my house and say our goodbyes and I give Yu~ki a little kiss for being so chivalrous towards me. Then I promptly run inside, to be forgotten again. *sigh* Oh well, someday, someone will remember me, I'm sure, right?
Current Mood: crushedcrushed

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